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Unsettled by a strange call on the intercom, Carl hastily takes the elevator down. When the doors open, he realizes he is not where he should be. An uncanny, strange yet familiar place lies before him.

Perturbé par un étrange appel à l'interphone, Carl se hâte vers l'ascenseur pour descendre. Lorsque les portes s'ouvrent, il réalise qu'il n'est pas là où il devrait être. Un endroit étrange, dérangeant et pourtant familier se trouve devant lui.

With the voice of Yann GUILLEMOT

Korean version by Théophile LAUSEIG & Yujin OH (오유진)


ABEL_v1.1.zip 1 GB

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I'm a Korean gamer who visited your booth at BIC Festival. If you remember, I'm the guy who insisted that I'd play at home. Partially because I wanted to get all the stickers (which means I had no much time), and partially because I wanted a better experience for this game. Downloading now, and keeping my promise. Glad that I found your game at BIC.

I had to search for your business card in my bag because the BIC website didn't have your itch.io link. Usually I would throw the whole bag into my treasure box until I re-open it for recalling good memories. And I had to struggle with the password manager I recently changed to sign in to my itch.io account. Which means I was pretty impressed by your game. Do I sound too egocentric? Never mind. I'll just try the game tomorrow, tomorrow because it's past midnight here.


Hey !

We remember you at the BIC Festival ! Thank you so much for keeping your promise. We hope you enjoy the game, and had a good time at the festival.

Thank you for all the effort you put into messaging us here ! Have a great day and a good game experience ! 😊


This was an interesting walking sim game .. Excellent work 👍

Thank you so much for your interest in our game ! Nice work on your video as well, we are happy you chose our work as a topic for yours ☺️

You are welcome my friend :)


Excellent jeu (et beau visuellement). L'histoire ainsi que les scènes bien pensées font que l'on plonge bien dedans. Original et réussi, bravo !


Merci beaucoup ! Ça fait super plaisir <3




c'est faux on est à angoulême

Ah oui tu as raison